When interviewing, Remember This!

+  Meet the spouse if the person is married.  See how he or she feels about the possibilities.   See  how they treat each other.

+  Always ask about their hardest decision recently, and how they made it.   What were the options?

+  Note if they hide anything.   Once we hired someone who hid his tattoos in the interview,  and revealed  them on his arms after being hired.   It was not the tattoos as such, but the deception. Continue reading “When interviewing, Remember This!”

Sample Questions For The Search Interview For A Pastor

Here is the list of what I think are important questions for an interview for a pastor (or a pastoral staff member, with appropriate adaptations).
The suggested list of  the ten steps for a candidacy is also available if you wish.  Three giant issues here are the strong initial investigation,   the thoroughness and uniqueness of the various interviews, and the last step of two full Sundays at the church preaching, with many meetings with people and groups of the church in that week or before.
The vote is always on Sunday, after the second worship sermon (rather than put off until a weeknight or another Sunday when those same people might not be there).

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