5 Important Habits of a Healthy Chuch

5     5 Important Habits of a Healthy Church Download

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1. Grace: enjoying what God does for us.

Be able to explain the     “CROSS”                                 Some really can’t.
Put the    CROSS     in all sermons.                                There is time.
Stand as a fellow    strugglers    .                                    Not all right.

2. Worship: exalting God and His Word.

Place the    sermon     as top priority.                            Not maybe.
Differentiate between “God says” and “I think.”         Billy is right.
Plan so emotions have time too.                                     No jump starts.

3. Community: enlisting people in groups.

Proclaim the good of three.
Plan structures for care and growth. Unstructured too.        Don’t just count on it.
Model it!                                                                                        Talk and walk.

4. Mission: emphasizing why we are here.

Write and communicate a    mission     statement.
Philosophy too.     Free     people to carry it out.                     Busy, busy. busy…
Who are these 10%?
Consider 50-50!                                                                             Wow!

5. Integrity: encouraging “    oneness    

Confront own “HEART”     defects    !                                       Top priority.
Nurture and confront other    leaders    .                                  Part of the job

Personal Ministries of the Pastor

Personal Ministries of the Pastor-Download

Personal Ministries of the Pastor-1Principles or procedures so Hebrews 13:17 is true:

1. Senior either does all three or envisions and implements.

2. Main board co-owns vision, gives boundaries, approves policies, supports with prayer and personal embrace.

3. An Executive Pastor or small team leads and manages strategy.

4. Other staff lead in their specialty areas but manage in accord with senior and board leading. If not using same playbook, they must leave the team.

5. Various director or pastors on staff:
Administrative areas—major on “leading” circle, but more management and       administration to be sure.
Age-specific ministries—major on shepherding and teaching in sub-groups.

6. Support staff cares for details and administration with some DNA of leaders.

7. The church follows the biblical call to support leadership and do ministry as the church gathered “out there.”


ABF book coverSunday Adult Bible Fellowships
Home Adult Bible Fellowships

 Sunday and Home Life Groups
Grace Groups
Small Groups
House Churches
and more

Entry Groups
Membership Classes

“Belong to a group, you belong to the church.”

Easily an area of confusion and yawning!


  1. Experiences of Church
  2. Importance of ABFs/Groups
  3. Not a Sunday School
  4. Organization of an ABF
  5. ABF/Group Leaders Job Descriptions
  6. Kinds of Groups
  7. Reasons for Gatherings
  8. Confusion About Groups Sometimes
  9. The Bible
  10. Pastor/Pastoral Staff and ABFs/Groups
  11. Why Care Should Be by Groups
  12. Sunday Schedules
  13. Schedule of Sunday and Home ABFs/Groups
  14. Principles/Guidelines
  15. Cautions about Changing or Refining
  16. Discussion About ABFs/Groups
  17. Questions About ABFs/Groups
  18. Reality Check Quiz
  19. The Point of Church Activity
  20. R and D Discussion Issues

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Sincere Questions About A Worship Service That May Sound Cynical At Times


  1. Do the staff and the lead volunteers really understand the purpose and the high importance of the worship assembly-service? Do they attend and participate?
  1. Do greeters and ushers know that the attenders and the guests are to be the object of their attention and not each other?

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PASTORING a “people group” within the church

Guidelines for this “horizontal” responsibility


Pray for and pay attention to people in this age group.

Be the conscience for the leadership team to reach and serve this area.

Assess and sponsor what the church offers to evangelize, disciple,  and care for these people.


“Go after” and seek to assimilate new people. Continue reading “PASTORING a “people group” within the church”

The Importance of Adult Bible Fellowships -ABFs

Adult Bible Fellowships
Adult Bible Fellowships

The Importance of Adult Bible Fellowships Download

 Adult Bible Fellowships:  Groups of people committed to know and apply the Word together in a caring fellowship, with clear organization to provide care, discipleship, and outreach.

A community within the church . . . to serve and love each other . . . to reach out.

A Sunday adult class geared for true congregational life, where “one another’s” are planned.

Why people need community (and worship services do not give it) Continue reading “The Importance of Adult Bible Fellowships -ABFs”

Key Factors in Growth

As determined by surveys, discussions, and observations.



1.         The grace and goodness of God. 

                We can pray for it and obviously give thanks.

                 Regular pastoral prayer, groups to pray, “prayer partners.” 


2.         The mood of grace and love.  

         Shown in media (minute spots), reputation, services, and community involvement, in halls around services also. 


3.         The pulpit ministry.

Biblical exposition but also balanced on issues.  Continue reading “Key Factors in Growth”

Small and Medium Groups Are Both Huge! (where “one another’s) happen in a church

ABFs and Home ABFs

Bible study1 in “community”2
with care3 and ministry4

 Good teacher, true Bible exposition, clear application

Friendships, grace mood, time — 8 to 90

Special needs, illness, assigned responsibility — up to 4 or 5 families per person to care for Continue reading “Small and Medium Groups Are Both Huge! (where “one another’s) happen in a church”