Portrait of a prospective member of the church board of oversight

Personal characteristics that are obvious

  • Godliness,  strongly united with and committed to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Strong and vibrant marriage (if married) as a “one woman” man.
  • Faithful attender and servant in the worship and ministry life of the church.
  • Supportive of the general direction and senior leadership of the church.
  • Willing to give protective and loving oversight of the church ministries and to serve as a team with the other members of this board,  not ever seeking to lead or make changes as an individual.
  • Known for the fruit (evidences) of the Holy Spirit.

Doctrinal and personal commitments that are strong

  • Openly committed to Jesus the Christ and God’s Word as truth for our obedience.
  • Affirming the clear statement of faith of the church,  without motive to change it.
  • Aware of the church’s mood,  culture,  and even unwritten stance on areas of liberty and having no hidden goal to challenge them, while always seeking to improve the understanding and practices of the church.
  • Commitment to support the pastoral leadership by prayer, encouragement, unity, challenging when needed in a direct and kind way one-on-one when necessary, and in the context of the board when necessary.
  • Commitment to see the church always growing stronger in its declared mission to expand the outreach of the gospel locally and in all the world — therefore a generous spirit to see and support growth in every good way
  • Willing to sign and live by the oversight board’s covenant of unity and practice

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