“Major Concerns”

These are the seven very important areas I cover with pastors after going over the areas where they have questions, and character and connections with our Lord. Perhaps some of them will provoke questions or even make you wonder how the coaching relationship could work.

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What are we looking for in a pastor?

Foundational and absolute

  • A good or godly man with a kind manner.
  • A strong and enduring marriage.
  • Compatible theology and stances on most important particular issues Very high priorities
  • A good Bible teacher and student of the Word.
  • Someone who loves the people of the church and seeks to care for them —personally and as an organized church.
  • One who prays for and cares for the church to grow by reaching the unchurched.
  • One who supports and educates people about global missions, as well as local outreach.

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Portrait of a prospective member of the church board of oversight

Personal characteristics that are obvious

  • Godliness,  strongly united with and committed to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Strong and vibrant marriage (if married) as a “one woman” man.
  • Faithful attender and servant in the worship and ministry life of the church.
  • Supportive of the general direction and senior leadership of the church.
  • Willing to give protective and loving oversight of the church ministries and to serve as a team with the other members of this board,  not ever seeking to lead or make changes as an individual.
  • Known for the fruit (evidences) of the Holy Spirit.

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