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“Belong to a group, you belong to the church.”

Easily an area of confusion and yawning! Continue reading “GROUPS”

Small and Medium Groups Are Both Huge! (where “one another’s) happen in a church

ABFs and Home ABFs

Bible study1 in “community”2
with care3 and ministry4

 Good teacher, true Bible exposition, clear application

Friendships, grace mood, time — 8 to 90

Special needs, illness, assigned responsibility — up to 4 or 5 families per person to care for Continue reading “Small and Medium Groups Are Both Huge! (where “one another’s) happen in a church”

Variety of Small Groups or Cells






To study the Bible and apply it to life.

Any size, but more effective when smaller

üDecide if Bible content is really what is needed.

üIf it’s a study that can catch the interest of the non-churched, plan it that way.

üTrain an assistant teacher to be helping so when you start another one, that teacher can take the lead.


2.      Strategic Discipleship

To study life and the Bible and getting the two together with a goal toward either more involvement in church ministry or leadership.


üPick the people carefully – with potential.

üContent is not as important as building your heart into the hearts of others.

üInclude some accountability and discussion about life and growth.

üInclude studies and discussions about the church and needs and commands.


3.      Support

To provide spiritual and emotional strength and healing for people that have been through similar negative experiences.

Depends on the subject – usually small, from 5-10.

üHave a goal to help people out of the group some time and not meet perpetually.

üWhen it’s a technical area, like sexual abuse, be sure there is a technical advisor or teacher, somebody accountable.  A legal issue.

ü“Find a need and meet it.”

üBlended families, alcohol, eating disorders, divorce, recovery.


4.      Accountability

To provide spiritual and emotional support for each other and growth in a place of checking your life.



üAll male or female.

üCandor will only happen in smaller groups.

üContent is not the issue here – but true friendship.

5.      Evangelistic

To interact with the non-believer and help them to understand the message of Christ.

Open group and sometimes the more the better.

üNeighborhood or workplace.

üKeep it open to new participants.

üKeep it nonthreatening (“gentleness and respect”).

üStay focused on Bible message.


6.      ABF Care Groups

Each ABF organizes care groups to be sure each person is cared for/shows care.


Up to 15

üCare groups can be most effective if, when they meet, there is a healthy balance of learning, caring, and outward focus.

7.      Fellowship (“Super 8”) social groups

To relax and know each other better.


üConsider as great way to welcome newer people.

üMay be best to shift to more personal purposes after meeting a few times.

üMany groups have other labels, but really accomplish this purpose.