Leadership Development

Why do we make it hard

  1. Because it is. We learned very little about it in school, and very few of us had strong leaders who deliberately built skills and desires into our lives. And we do not get much time to travel together like Paul did with Timothy or Titus.
  2. We use books too much. A lot of them make it complicated.
  3. Maybe we should just have two subjects to impart: character and church.   CE National has discussion guides from Bible verses on these two subjects, by the way.
  4. We forget it is just TLC – time with men in a group of 4 to 6 others, Love shown and said, and Content of the scripture that hits the heart.
  5. We do not ask ourselves and all staff to lead a group of 4 to 6 others to develop in character strength and church leadership.

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Notes on The Soccer Field Model for the Board

soccerfieldNotes on The Soccer Field Model for the Board-Download

The Soccer Field

The board is responsible for setting and guarding the boundaries, so this is a board ” job description” for them! The pastor and staff are responsible to “play” or serve on the field, within the boundaries, and with as many volunteers as possible, so this is a staff “job description” also. Hopefully the picture makes it clear. Continue reading “Notes on The Soccer Field Model for the Board”

The 4 Boundaries

“The Soccer Field” – a model for the ministries of the board of a church,  to distinguish that from the Sunday and daily ministries of the pastoral staff

 The Four Boundaries,  and policies or goals that can guide actions related to those


Statement of faith

   …We will not change this,  unless a clarification is needed.
…We will have a way it is posted so anyone can see it easily.

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Boundaries For Pastor And Staff

Leaders of a local church –the senior pastor and the board — must adopt clear policies, “sand bags” to keep storms out.

Very necessary because…
…we should not trust ourselves or others, pastors and nice people included.
…the enemy seeks to hurt the church by the moral fall of its leaders.
…pastors and staff are vulnerable because they are often so trusted.
…pastors and staff are vulnerable because they honestly seek to help needy people.

…the news reports scream that policies either were not there or were broken. …Jesus Christ is Lord and to be glorified.

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Church Policy on Same-sex Attraction and Same-sex Marriage

Because of our allegiance to our Lord Jesus Christ and to the inspired Word of God, the Bible, we choose to understand and teach that marriage is a sacred covenant and commitment reserved for one woman and one man.

Our policy is to honor or officiate at only that kind of marriage.

Therefore we believe that a homosexual relationship is contrary to God’s truth and clear guidance. We will seek to love and help anyone who differs with this, Continue reading “Church Policy on Same-sex Attraction and Same-sex Marriage”