Steps Toward Succession

Steps toward Succession

Leadership during Transition

  1. Interim pastor

ü  Two year appointment

                +                                                              –

    Avoids “sacrificial lamb”                                         viewed as “hired hand”

                                                                                        some are “floating”

ü  From staff

ü  From outside

  1. “Stated pulpit supply”
                      ü  Pulpit only, not daily leadership

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Why a Large Church Should Help Churches in the Area

Why a large church like yours

should help pastors and churches in the area

Why a large church like yours should help churches and pastors in the area Download

We’re talking about resources for pastors, advice from staff members, use of facilities at times, encouragement in practical issues, seminars for the pastoral leaders.

  • Because of the Golden Rule – if you were in that small church a few miles away, you would love it if someone offered a resources or a speaker you would never get to hear, or significant help for a specific ministry like children or finances – strategies for budget.
  • The mandate to love and help others – it’s all through the Bible, and it doesn’t specifically say that big churches should help smaller churches this way but it isn’t hard to go that way with the application.
  • Most churches get inadequate support from their denominations or fellowship of churches.  Administrators are so busy with all kinds of other organizational details, that there are only a few times they can sit down with a pastor to help with strategy or particulars.
  • National information is there, in quantity galore, but a local church can be a friend in flesh and blood, with love and reasoning, and even good advice and application.
  • There is only one kingdom, and we’re on that team.  And the strong should help the weak.  And we just simply have to admit we are strong and rich in many ways.  Every large church has so many resources and experts on staff and abilities to bring in good speakers and teachers.

Senior Pastor Ministry Description

Senior Pastor Ministry Description Download

To give senior pastoral leadership to the church in line with Biblical commands of our Lord to pastors and to serve as the senior leader of pastoral staff and church ministries.

TIME:   Full-time

REPORTS:  Annual written report to the church; other reports as desired for updates.  Communication of vacation and special days to the board of trustees for records.

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Ten Leadership Priorities!


10. Schedule     fun   .

9. Work your best    spiritual     and emotional    study     schedule.

8. Be in an      accountability     group.

7.  Work your   ___“holy discontent”!___

6. Promote your        passion                       .

5. Believe “every contact is an     opportunity     .  (Little things)

4. Know the order … God/    family     / company /     self-interest     .

3. Define and seek __your_purpose_____

2. Explain, “You must be perfect…”

1. Walk    humbly with God    .

Receiving Our New Pastor

Thoughts/suggestions on best practices for the positive welcome of a new pastor to a church

Important because the church is to be a unified body and the Bible is clear about the honor to the office of the pastor


…Follow strong and detailed steps for finding the best candidate,  who as a final step of ten large steps,  is brought in for the two Sundays and full week of preaching and meeting the church and presenting his approach to the Scriptures and the church. Continue reading “Receiving Our New Pastor”

Priorities of Pastors



Priorities of a Pastor

Evaluating your time and heart emphasis 

Job Description from Verses

1. Lead                                                      3.   Shepherd                                        5.   Equip

Heb 13:7; Heb 13:17; Acts 20:28;           Acts 20:28; I Peter 5:2                       Eph 4:12; I Tim 3:16,17 Titus 1:7 (I Tim 3:1f)

2.   Rule                                                       4.   Teach                                              6.   Be Continue reading “Priorities of Pastors”