Seven Huge Sides Of Pastoring

They come up every time I coach a pastor,  often because I suggest we look at them.  But more normally,  because the pastor or church leader says, “What about (one of these seven areas)?”  Most of the notes on this site and most of the thoughts in my head come under these:


  1. Personal:  master schedule,  main emphases in my life,  ways to love the people of my circles and the church
  2. Staff:  either employed or volunteers — how to hire, then assign, and support;   the “point person/ministry manager” genius
  3. The Board:  yes, just one;  how does “the soccer field” really work,  and in what size church?  Does it really immediately

         clarify the roles of the board and those of the staff?  (Yes, is the                             answer.:-)   What is a good agenda?

  1. Preaching:  What are the three hearts of preaching,  and how does it work best?
  2. Groups:  Why is so confusing?   What good is a group with both male and female and over ten people?   What is true discipleship?

          Are Sunday and home ABFs really the way they did it in the Bible?

  1. Mission (including missions):  Do we know what kind of church we want to be?  Ought to be?  Can be?  How do we improve “outside the walls” giving and loving?
  2. Communication:  Why is it like “location (x3)” in real estate?   Is it really so easy to improve it right now?

See if the notes make you think or discuss.   And let me know if I can help to clarify,  please.