Senior Pastor Ministry Description

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To give senior pastoral leadership to the church in line with Biblical commands of our Lord to pastors and to serve as the senior leader of pastoral staff and church ministries.

TIME:   Full-time

REPORTS:  Annual written report to the church; other reports as desired for updates.  Communication of vacation and special days to the board of trustees for records.



1. Be responsible for the pulpit ministries and public services of the church.  Preach or select substitute preachers.

 Overall Leadership and Vision:

2. Be the senior leader for church vision and direction, getting input from various advisory groups and staff and appropriate church leadership.

 Pastoral Staff and Church Staff:

3. Be the leader of pastoral staff and church staff, making appointments and setting policies for unity and to carry out church goals and in line with the biblical and constitutional policies of the church.

 4. Be responsible for the church commitment to and practice of the Statement of Faith.

 5. Appoint and manage a team of church and staff leadership for programs and ministries of The Chapel, in line with budgets as approved by the board of trustees.


6. Be the moderator of membership meetings.

7. Be the chairman of a nominating committee to present names for trustees and deacons at the annual meeting each year.


9. Be responsible to carry out the biblical mandates for the pastor that relate to lead (Hebrews 13:7, 17), rule or give insight (I Peter 5), shepherd (I Peter 5:1-5), teaching (I Timothy 3), equipping people for the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13), and being an example to others in the church (I Peter 5:1-5).