What are we looking for in a pastor?

Foundational and absolute

  • A good or godly man with a kind manner.
  • A strong and enduring marriage.
  • Compatible theology and stances on most important particular issues Very high priorities
  • A good Bible teacher and student of the Word.
  • Someone who loves the people of the church and seeks to care for them —personally and as an organized church.
  • One who prays for and cares for the church to grow by reaching the unchurched.
  • One who supports and educates people about global missions, as well as local outreach.

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Portrait of a prospective member of the church board of oversight

Personal characteristics that are obvious

  • Godliness,  strongly united with and committed to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Strong and vibrant marriage (if married) as a “one woman” man.
  • Faithful attender and servant in the worship and ministry life of the church.
  • Supportive of the general direction and senior leadership of the church.
  • Willing to give protective and loving oversight of the church ministries and to serve as a team with the other members of this board,  not ever seeking to lead or make changes as an individual.
  • Known for the fruit (evidences) of the Holy Spirit.

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