Sermon Evaluation

By __________________ Sermon: __________________________

A Excellent, totally meets the goad
B Good, clear and on target
C Okay, acceptable
D Lacking, missed the mark

The heart of God ( What did He mean when He had it written?)

…Content true to the context and meaning ______ Comments__________________________________________________

… Explanation of the text was clear, understandable. ______ Comments__________________________________________________

… Meaning given was good exegesis, not reading into the text ____ Comments__________________________________________________

… Main idea and supporting ideas came from text  ___________  Comments___________________________________________________

…Good amplification from other verses ______   Comments___________________________________________________


The heart of the speaker (Did he/she show that the content captured

…Spoke with healthy passion, as if true and important! ______ Comments___________________________________________________

…Speaker wants it to be true in his own life. ______ Comments____________________________________________________

… Really believes this. _______
Comments ___________________________________________________

The speaker’s Variety of speed of delivery ___
Variety in movement ____
Delivery Variety of volume _____
Enough illustrations ______
Smiled at appropriate times _____
Some humor _______
Kind spirit showed _______
Notes unobtrusive ______
Spoke as one of us, not “You should….” ________


The heart of the listeners ( Would they walk out saying, I want that!

And not just That was good! or Yes, that was true!)

…Introduction made you want to listen. ______
Comments __________________________

…Conclusion made you want to do, feel, believe. ___________

…You could tell listeners were really thinking. _____ Comments_____________________________________________________

…There were many calls to apply to our lives, not just at the end. ______ Comments_____________________________________________________

… Talk moved you to want to obey our Lord. ______ Comments_____________________________________________________

… There was adequate response time with prayer and appropriate song.   Comments_____________________________________________________

OTHER ISSUES Appearance of speaker ___ Start on time _________

Greetings before and after service ______ End on time __________

Warmth toward people _______ Length of sermon _________

Use of visual ________ Clear speaking _______

Good grammar and diction _______

Would not have to ask, “Where did you get that?” __________


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