Pastoral Staff Meetings

To build teamwork, communicate, renew vision, trust our Lord
together, be reminded, and have fun

Regularity: Weekly when possible
Leader: Senior or lead pastor or someone he designates
Presuppositions or hopes:
… same time each week.
… includes lunch or some kind of eating together. Starts with that.
… 90 minutes maximum.
… mandatory.
… time for cheerleading and team spirit, not for criticism of anybody
… includes scripture and prayer.
… singing when possible.
… if senior does not lead the details, at least gives a thank you and
… early in the week.
… informal format but clearly planned.
… in a larger staff, they mix! Meaning they don’t sit by departments all the time.
… associates and other leaders help with school spirit!

Good format:
Eating together

Prayer and thanks

News from each department or person; good news about people or goals

Special challenges or needs from each department or person. Prayer for that.

Pastor’s update on board issues and/or sermon coming up. (Healthy for staff to have appropriate communication and be in the know.)
Once a month, with all part-time staff in a larger setting, the pastor gives a brief explanation of a philosophy or goal of the church.

Prayer (in larger staff, in groups of 4-5 using the P-R-A-Y formula so all

Challenge for any immediate event or emphasis where all are needed

Suggested seven-minute talk (yes, seven minutes) — one person a week and then for any new staff when they join: “The Ten Biggest Decisions or Events of My Life” — one person each week. When they are done everyone will know them better and even understand why they are what they are.

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