What are we looking for in a pastor?

Foundational and absolute

  • A good or godly man with a kind manner.
  • A strong and enduring marriage.
  • Compatible theology and stances on most important particular issues Very high priorities
  • A good Bible teacher and student of the Word.
  • Someone who loves the people of the church and seeks to care for them —personally and as an organized church.
  • One who prays for and cares for the church to grow by reaching the unchurched.
  • One who supports and educates people about global missions, as well as local outreach.

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Basic Ingredients for Strong Staff Teams

Basic Ingredients for Strong Staff Teams

as picked up over the years

by talking to many senior pastors and staff members

You decide, but this is more than friends operating together.



A.     The senior or lead pastor

1.       Both the senior pastor and the person reporting have a discipleship group of either all men or all women, depending on which one they are! J Continue reading “Basic Ingredients for Strong Staff Teams”



  •   Networking with other pastors in large churches.
  •   Always looking and mixing at district and national conference. Write down names when meet a vibrant church staff person even when you do not need one.
  •  Not going to placement services (too many names).
  •  Not talking to senior pastors who are not doing well but think they would do well on a staff.

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The Senior Leader’s “Reports” and “Cabinet”

The_Senior_Leader’s  Download
Thoughts on who and how many should report to the president or CEO of a ministry or senior pastor of a church. Based on 43 years of experience, reading, coaching others, and trends


1. Every organization should have a reporting flowchart that shows towhom everyone reports, and all directions flow upward to the senior (and no one else, except for possible dotted lines for communication). Continue reading “The Senior Leader’s “Reports” and “Cabinet””

Disciple Accountability Group (DAG)

These are guideline questions based on scripture verses, for DAG groups of 3 to 7 men or 3 to 7 women. They are about either the church or character.

True discipleship involves TLC –Time together, Love, and Content of the scripture that meets the heart.

They are meant for a two-year schedule, with the group meeting twice a month at least, with some of the subjects taking two weeks instead of one.

They are clearly meant for all men or all women, and not more than seven.

After two years new groups can start out of the group as new people are added. Then they go through the same questions, because they never get old.