Boundaries For Pastor And Staff

Leaders of a local church –the senior pastor and the board — must adopt clear policies, “sand bags” to keep storms out.

Very necessary because…
…we should not trust ourselves or others, pastors and nice people included.
…the enemy seeks to hurt the church by the moral fall of its leaders.
…pastors and staff are vulnerable because they are often so trusted.
…pastors and staff are vulnerable because they honestly seek to help needy people.

…the news reports scream that policies either were not there or were broken. …Jesus Christ is Lord and to be glorified.

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Helping Staff Teams to Know and Understand Each Other Better Without Paying for Personality Tests!

The best exercise our staffs ever did to know and appreciate each other, and see God’s grace in action

 “The Ten Most Important Decisions or Events in My Life”

 Each staff member prepares the list, to be given and described in just seven minutes in front of all staff,  just one at a time, early in a staff meeting. (Does not include physical birth, which is assumed )

 Okay, everyone will say he or she cannot do it in seven minutes,  but stick to that,  and allow three minutes for brief questions after.

  •  Very healthy exercise  for people to go back through their lives and narrow down the most significant decisions or events,  positive or negative,  that affected them.  And still do
  •  Very healthy for their teammates to hear where they, the presenters, have been and see why they are the way they are.
  •  Bonding.

>  God always ends up getting a lot of credit.



Helping guests become family is not automatic!

***WHEN THEY ARE GUESTS: finding out who they are

+ Guest cards: 10-25% will sign and turn in. A few more with the tablet passed down the row.

+ Welcome center, or line to meet the pastor: A few more will come to this, but it must be close and easy, not at the front of the worship room. Someone must host and give the “gifts” out and get names and email!

+ “Coffee with the pastors,” or “Pizza….” A monthly or every other month reception will catch more people, another percentage. Continue reading “Assimilation”

Pastors Can Become Administrators

Though every pastor or ministry leader must manage and administer details,  it is common knowledge that the pastoral role can morph into too much administration, because that offers safety and is comfortable, for many.


+  Teach and insist on the strategy  of a  Point Person (a staff member, by definition, who seeks to expand and give excellence to an area of ministry) and Ministry Manager (by definition, a volunteer who helps to Continue reading “Pastors Can Become Administrators”

“Pigeon-holing” or Assuming A Woman Cannot Take A Strong Pastoral or Director Role

+  The background of theology and church practices of many of us influences this.

+  We easily forget how much of people work is directly with women and girls, and that women and girls can best serve there.    Single mothers, female victims of divorce, widows,  sexually abused……and more. Continue reading ““Pigeon-holing” or Assuming A Woman Cannot Take A Strong Pastoral or Director Role”

JOB DESCRIPTION for Finance Committee of the Board of the Church

Finance Committee


Personnel: At least two or three members of the board, including one as chairman of finances; one to three others from the church as determined by the board; and these ex-officio members: senior pastor and chair of the board, both of whom are voting members of all church committees. Continue reading “JOB DESCRIPTION for Finance Committee of the Board of the Church”

Departure Of A Staff Member

Thoughts for the senior pastor about the departure of a staff member


…It is never easy, but the best is when the staff pastor makes a move strong for his or her ministry and family. Not because of desire to get away or failure on assignments.

…The senior pastor should be able to hire and fire, as it is coldly put, with safeguards and strong advisors.

…The question must always be, what is best for the church? Not, who are my friends or what is easiest? Continue reading “Departure Of A Staff Member”