Integrating New Staff Hires

Integrating new staff hires Download

+  Be sure there is strong communication with staff.  Like everyone, they hate changes and surprises.

+  Have appropriate people in on the informal and formal visits to your campus.

+  Explain why you are sold on this person before he or she comes.

+  Show others the resume.


+  Have a brief reception the first day with the appropriate department(s).

+  Have a ten-minute party with all staff to welcome, at the next staff meeting.

+  Have office and supplies and lists ready.

+  Have the two or three people they will work most closely with take them to lunch or coffee the first day.

+  Introduce briefly in a worship service, if they are in a pastoral role.

+  Schedule a4-6 minute presentation at staff meeting for their “Ten main decisions or events in my life.”   These help all know the person and even why they are who they are.


+  Tell all staff how hard it is for new people to feel at home and how the Golden Rule applies here.

+  Ordain the department head or your assistant  or management person or executive pastor with the monitoring of the welcome and first weeks or lists above.

+  Have a written “contract” with all details of benefits and policies needed, in a sealed envelope when they are there.