Boundaries For Pastor And Staff

Leaders of a local church –the senior pastor and the board — must adopt clear policies, “sand bags” to keep storms out.

Very necessary because…
…we should not trust ourselves or others, pastors and nice people included.
…the enemy seeks to hurt the church by the moral fall of its leaders.
…pastors and staff are vulnerable because they are often so trusted.
…pastors and staff are vulnerable because they honestly seek to help needy people.

…the news reports scream that policies either were not there or were broken. …Jesus Christ is Lord and to be glorified.


Receiving money or gifts from people in the church
~ A system to report any gift over $50 or $100 in case of issues in the future

Meeting (counseling, casual, planning, meals, unplanned, visitation, driving) one-on-one
~  Total prohibition if alone.
~ Clear guidelines for others being close at hand and responsible
~ Clear inclusion of how this relates to children’s area, and one-on-one with students

Retreats or sleep-overs in homes or retreat centers
~  Total prohibition of these? Or at least if only one adult is present
~  A way to clear with leaders when all the qualifications are met
Continued one-on-0ne counseling or conversations
~ Adopt one or two Christian counseling ministries for official ties and use.
~ Limit all counseling as to number of sessions.

~ Reports, written, of all


~ Someone responsible knows where your are and when you will return if during work week.

Commitment to policies adopted

~ All staff signs annual commitment to policies and is aware of consequences if disobeyed.

Emails, texts, computer history

~ Clear way of reporting and inspecting

Weekly reports (or every two weeks at least)
~ Mandatory paper reports to someone responsible

~ One of the details on it: “Any area of personal concern” or misunderstanding.

Accountability group or partners for all on staff
~ Each can have a group for honest reflection and goals.
~ Everyone knows one can lie to this group or person, but at least
…A clear fair procedure to report an inappropriate attitude or remark
~ Often there is no first step.