Church Policy on Same-sex Attraction and Same-sex Marriage

Because of our allegiance to our Lord Jesus Christ and to the inspired Word of God, the Bible, we choose to understand and teach that marriage is a sacred covenant and commitment reserved for one woman and one man.

Our policy is to honor or officiate at only that kind of marriage.

Therefore we believe that a homosexual relationship is contrary to God’s truth and clear guidance. We will seek to love and help anyone who differs with this, but will reserve membership or service at (church name) only for those who practice marriage and intimate relationships in accord with the Bible.

This certainly pertains to any who practice heterosexual relationships outside the equally clear boundaries of clear biblical teaching also.

Our goal is to major on what is clear and primary in Scripture, and not to allow issues of lesser importance than the gospel to be our emphasis. But when the text of a lesson pertains to any social or moral issues, we will seek to be as clear as the text or our Lord, no matter how our culture has changed or perceives this.

We want both truth and love to guide all that we do as a church, and we believe God in the Holy Scriptures and Jesus in His teaching define what it means to be “speaking the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15).