“Pigeon-holing” or Assuming A Woman Cannot Take A Strong Pastoral or Director Role

+  The background of theology and church practices of many of us influences this.

+  We easily forget how much of people work is directly with women and girls, and that women and girls can best serve there.    Single mothers, female victims of divorce, widows,  sexually abused……and more.

+  Many women can take over an area and be a director for that ministry,  and the question of ordination is not even close.  The personal ministry is.

+  It is a good rule to have a woman or more in on all ministry decision meetings.   The perspective of a woman and sometimes of a mother can save many mistakes.

+  Women can be strong leaders and command the respect of both men and women.   Many of us would embrace a  practical theology that may say a senior pastor or pastor should be a man, and that the  spiritual leader of a family should be a man.  But we have no limits as to a woman being the president of a company or a country.

+  Policies that are brief and pointed should be written about all this, so that decisions are not made when personalities are involved.