Common Mistakes, Main Board


  1. The senior pastor is not a true member.
  2. The pastor(s) do not disciple and prepare “prospectives.”
  3. There are no term limits.
  4. The board is too small.


  1. The church has more than one policy board.
  2. There is not a good “job description” for the board.
  3.  The board deals with daily ministries, management.
  4.  The board does not have finances (resources) under them.
  5.  The pastoral staff reports to the board instead of the pastor.
  6.  The pastor is not allowed to lead.
  7.  Members function individually instead of as “one mind.
  8.  Does not use good sub-teams to do detail work.


  1. Agendas are not delivered ahead of time.
  2.  There are surprises brought up to vote on immediately.
  3.  The pastor and chair do not go over agenda and unite.
  4.  The Word and prayer are not important ingredients.

 TIME:   Leaders do not pick best times to meet, and how long.