Everyone on one of the committees would grade the pastor from 1 to 7 before the meeting. Six or seven is wonderful. Four or five is good. Obviously 1 to 3 is poor and cause for action and improvement.

We should meet ahead of time to compare grades and come up with one main grade given with the unity of the committee. That way they’re not arguing about their feelings or grades in the actual meeting with the pastor.


1.  Personal
Our pastor teaches well and works hard at both sermons and lessons. 1-7

Our pastor leads well and has vision for the church and carefully brings others on to the team and with unity. 1-7

Our pastor shepherds well and has a system of caring through the groups and also shows love individually to people. And from the pulpit. 1-7

Our pastor seems to have a good schedule to attack each week, covering the essentials of administration and care and study and pastoring and discipling. 1-7

2.  Staff
There seems to be a good organization of staff, and other staff in addition to the pastor have their assignments and do well as a team. 1-7

Even areas that are not prominent roles of pastors or directors are covered by the staff and buy a strong volunteer managers. 1-7

3.  The board
There is clear definition about what is the pastor and staff role and what is the board’s role in church ministries and organization. 1-7

There a strong unity and direction between the pastor and the board. 1-7

Board meetings are well organized and stay on target. 1-7

4.  Love
Our pastor shows love to the people and they know it – both privately and publicly. 1-7

5.  Preaching
Our pastor explains the meaning of the text, and preaches with exposition of what God meant when He had it written. 1-7

Our pastor shows that he really means it when he preaches. It has obviously gripped his own heart. 1-7

Our pastor uses strong appeal to our own hearts, so that we leave wanting to do what has been said in the Scriptures. 1-7

6.  Groups
There is clarity about the purpose of groups in the church, and the various kinds do not compete with each other but meet needs. 1-7

Our pastor has his own discipleship or camaraderie or accountability group. 1-7

7.  Mission
As strong values in the Pastor keeps them in front of the people. 1-7

We have a strong presence in our community as well as strong care for worldwide missions. 1-7

Everyone knows they were strong and a integrity In our pastors life and with our church practices. 1-7

Suggestions I have for our pastor: _________________________

Ways we can help our pastor better: _________________________

Are we providing adequate and strong financial resources, salary, and time away? ___________________

What hopes does our pastor have for better church-pastor relationships? ___________________