Small and Medium Groups Are Both Huge! (where “one another’s) happen in a church

ABFs and Home ABFs

Bible study1 in “community”2
with care3 and ministry4

 Good teacher, true Bible exposition, clear application

Friendships, grace mood, time — 8 to 90

Special needs, illness, assigned responsibility — up to 4 or 5 families per person to care for

In church (take a kids’ class), city, world (missionary support)

Discipleship Groups

Bible applicationA  in confidenceB
with accountabilityC and ministryD 

  • Candor and care and obedience goals — best when all men or all women
  • Bible-based questions about life
  • Calls for long time together, small size — up to 7
  • To each other and with each other


Variety of small Groups


Reality Check

  1. The purpose of a worship service is _worship_.
  1. Worship services that try to do true “community” will stay _small_.
  1. Some people prefer their community group to meet on _Sunday or weekdays__.
  1. Absolutely no reason to have electives. (True or   False)
  1. If men and women are both in a group, it is going to slide toward a
    community-fellowship group rather than discipleship-accountability.  (True or False)
  1. Same thing if a group is bigger than seven. (True or False)
  1. People probably should not try to be in two community-fellowship groups.                (True or False)   Why or why not? _______________
  1. Men will join a community-fellowship group easier than they will join _a small discipleship group  .
  1. A midsize or small group should meet at least    twice_ a month.
  1. If these strategies for midsize and small groups are accepted, “Men’s                Fraternity”-type groups should be __evangelistic_.
  1. If a family or person is too involved in groups at church and their evangelism and closeness suffer, whose fault is it?
    ____ God  ____ Theirs  ____ Pastor’s  ____ Wife’s – – (for discussion)
  1. If a pastor does not lead a discipleship group, this will happen:
    _Other staff will not______
  1. A group with 10 might as well have __15 or 20_.
  1. “Community” and discipleship are both:

____ Possible ____ Difficult ____ Good ____ Needed
( all of the above)

  1. A discipleship group needs to have a leader. True or False  (True)
  1. The best place to find new leaders in a church is in discipleship groups. True or False (True)
  1. The main ingredients of a discipleship group:
    T_ime       L_ove__    C__ontent of Scripture that hits the heart  .
  1. Churches who love “to meet as one group” (community) will probably stay ___the same size____.
  1. __Jesus Christ__ should be at the center of all our church groups and gatherings.