Installation Questions for Pastor:

  • Do you confess again your personal faith in our Lord Jesus Christ as the eternal Son of God and as your Savior who took the judgment for all your sins, and as your sure righteousness toward our holy God, and the Lord of your daily life?

I do.

  • Do you affirm your belief in the written Scriptures, the Bible, as God’s Word of truth for yourself and all people, and do you commit yourself to preach and teach it with authority and love, and to apply it to our daily lives?

I make that commitment.

  • Will you seek to pastor these people with sincere love and guidance from God’s Word, seeking the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, and to glorify God in all you do?

That will be my constant goal.

  • Will you lead the church to obey the Great Command of our Lord to love Him with all that we are, and to love others; and to seek to fulfill His Great Commission toward the whole world and also this local community?

I will, as God is my witness.

  • Will you seek to do all this in humble obedience to God, unselfish love for others, and with strong allegiance to your ordination commitment and our doctrinal statement and the strong moral and ethical guidelines for a pastor?

God helping me, I will.


Installation Service for Pastor Jim Oakley

Sunday, June 25, 5:00 pm, Woodland Shores

Call to Worship and Statement of Purpose         Pastor Knute Larson

Hymn of Worship and Assurance, #275               “How Firm a Foundation”

Invocation Prayer, Appreciation for God’s Presence

Old Testament Reading,                                             Isaiah 40:10-12, 28-31

New Testament Reading,                                           II Timothy 2:20-26

The Call from the Board of Woodland Shores

Support Statement, NAB                                           St. Joseph Cluster

Support Statement,       NAB Great Lakes District Minister Terry Holley

Congregational Praise                                                 “In Christ Alone”

Installation Sermon: Dr. Mickey Klink

Pastor, Hope Evangelical Free Church, Roscoe, IL

Questions of Allegiance to Christ and His Word, to Pastor Oakley

Pastoral Charge of Faithfulness                            Pastor Knute Larson

Charge to the Church                                                  Pastor Craig Clapper

Prayers of Dedication of the Pastor and the Church

Commitment Response of Pastor Jim Oakley

Benediction Blessing

Please join Pastor Oakley and Audra and our guests in Fellowship Hall for a time of greeting and congratulations.


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