Recommendation for Constitution


For the pastor and the main board of the church


The pastor shall be the spiritual and ministries leader of the church, responsible for the worship services, programs, ministries, and staff of the church.

 He shall serve as ex-officio member of the Church Board and all committees of the church.

 The pastor and staff are to lead and serve within the four boundary lines set by the Church Board (see Church Board article).

 Call of the Pastor

The pastor shall be called by a 2/3 vote recommendation of the Church Board to the membership of the church, with a 75% vote of the membership required.  Such a meeting to vote by ballot must have adequate publicity and a two-week notice for a meeting called for this purpose.


The Church Board may call for dismissal of the pastor for lack of adherence to the four boundary lines, immorality, or continual inadequate or ineffective efforts.  This motion to the membership must be by 2/3 vote of all members of the board excluding the pastor, and must be confirmed by the majority ballot vote of the membership.  The purpose of such a meeting of the membership must be adequately communicated at least two weeks before the meeting.


Nine members shall serve three-year terms, with one-third called by the membership each year.  A member of the board shall not serve more than two consecutive terms.

 These men are the “elders” responsible for the “boundary” or vision lines to guide staff and church ministries:

 ü  Foundations:  statement of faith, constitution, and restoration-discipline for church staff and people.

 ü  Resources:  budget and finances, building expansion, property purchase or sale, and capital campaigns.

  A Finance Team including at least three board members and two adjunct members shall report to this board.  This team shall supervise the budget and salary process and policies.

 A Missions Team including at least three board members and other adjunct members shall have major monetary support commitments approved by the Board.

 A Properties Team with at least two directors and other adjunct members shall make recommendations about building expenses to the Board and help promote care and maintenance of all properties.

 All three committees shall have the appropriate staff member as a member of this team.

ü  Guidelines: The board members shall be responsible for the purpose-mission statement of the church and the main values that guide the pastor, staff, and all ministries of the church.  They will also approve overall church policies that apply to everyone.

ü  Goals:  The culture or mood of the church shall be established by this board in conjunction with the pastor and staff.  They will also approve the “product” or main emphases that determine how ministries are shaped or led.  (For instance, the commitment to worship, community or fellowship groups, and small groups for discipleship.  For instance, the commitment to excellence in children’s and youth programs, and outreach whenever possible.  Staff and ministry leaders shall of course be responsible for the ministries.)

 The Church Board shall also be responsible for all recommendations on votes that go to the membership:

  1. The annual budget and audit report
  2. Property purchase or sale
  3. Building programs
  4. Call of members to the Church Board (with a nominating committee being involved)
  5. Call of senior pastor (with a search team being involved)
  6. Constitutional changes


Other pastors and directors may be called by the senior pastor (herein called “pastor”) with approval of the Church Board and proper provision in the budget.