The Traditions That Must Be Broken



1.   At the worship part of the preliminaries part of the worship service is the preliminaries.

2.   That visitation is the most important thing a pastor does.

3.   That a church stands for truth at the expense of love.

4.   That people should be at the church as much as possible.

5.   That the priesthood of believers means serving at the church building or in services.

6,   The pastor is the main doer.

7.   Making changes as a very slow process previously now needs to have easier expedition.

8.   The worth and regularity of meetings – especially

     Committee meeting just to discuss without action.

    District or area meetings that do not benefit the local church.

   Congregational meetings or electives that keep changing the  “congregation” so that no relationships are built.

9. The dependence on volunteers – where the average active volunteer gave eight hours, he now gives two.

10. The pastor as the answer man or authority figure – the need for relationships and trust but warm love.

11. The attention-span issue.