The Worship Services – Variety

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There is room for a lot of variety,

but also for careful wisdom and reverence.


  • It is the main billboard for the church.
  • Worship is commanded for everyone and modeled for groups.
  • With the sermon, the service should be the highest priority for the pastor.
  •  The mood and ingredients will determine the favor with people; our hearts will determine the favor with God.
  • Some parts of the service are prescribed or exemplified:

    Praise-worship music                           –  Prayers

    Preaching of the Word                         –  Scripture reading





  • Other segments can have a part:


    Drama                                                  –  Greetings

    Testimony                                           –  Promotions



  • What happens before and after the service is important.


    The average                                         –  The goal




  • Welcoming and connecting with guests must be carefully planned.
  •  Cards, recognition, receptions, gifts, calls
  • Support ministries for services can be excellent in all size churches.


    Ushers                                                   –  Greeters

    Tech for sound, lights                          –  Nursery





  • Technology has made possible the multiplication of church services calling for a clear philosophy.


    venues in the same building

    sites elsewhere



  • Timing of worship relates to goals and culture.
  • Schedule and number of services calls for wisdom.


    The 80% rule                                        –  The advantage of more

    “Changes and surprises”                     –  Simultaneous (flip-flop) vs. “sandwich”

    Saturday hours, Sunday p.m., other


  • The “target” person may be general or specific.


    Christian              –  Interested                  –  Pagan


    Age or taste target


  • The gospel must be declared.  The cross must be central.
  • Everyone can at least keep in mind the needs and concerns and prejudices of the unchurched.
  • The goals and results of the worship service should be embraced.


    Edification                                            –  Exaltation

    Evangelism                                          –  Conversions

    School spirit