The Worship Services – Variety

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There is room for a lot of variety,

but also for careful wisdom and reverence.


  • It is the main billboard for the church.
  • Worship is commanded for everyone and modeled for groups.
  • With the sermon, the service should be the highest priority for the pastor.
  •  The mood and ingredients will determine the favor with people; our hearts will determine the favor with God.
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How To Teach For Life Change

It is a main purpose of Bible teaching –

see II Timothy 3:16.


Before the lesson, and in general, personal


  1. Embrace the Bible as the revealed word and truth of God.  This brings high respect and trust as you prepare.
  2. Decide that your purpose is to explain the one meaning of the text, what God meant when He had it written.  There may be several applications, but only one meaning.
  3. With the help of the Spirit, be sure your own heart is clean to teach more effectively.
  4. Know the sinfulness of the human heart.  People really need what you are going to teach if it is God’s word.
  5. Pray regularly for help to see and teach the real meaning of the Scriptures, and that God’s Spirit and truth will change lives.

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Sample Questions For The Search Interview For A Pastor

Here is the list of what I think are important questions for an interview for a pastor (or a pastoral staff member, with appropriate adaptations).
The suggested list of  the ten steps for a candidacy is also available if you wish.  Three giant issues here are the strong initial investigation,   the thoroughness and uniqueness of the various interviews, and the last step of two full Sundays at the church preaching, with many meetings with people and groups of the church in that week or before.
The vote is always on Sunday, after the second worship sermon (rather than put off until a weeknight or another Sunday when those same people might not be there).

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Departure Of A Staff Member

Thoughts for the senior pastor about the departure of a staff member


…It is never easy, but the best is when the staff pastor makes a move strong for his or her ministry and family. Not because of desire to get away or failure on assignments.

…The senior pastor should be able to hire and fire, as it is coldly put, with safeguards and strong advisors.

…The question must always be, what is best for the church? Not, who are my friends or what is easiest? Continue reading “Departure Of A Staff Member”

Church Security – What do we say the next Sunday?

The headlines scream often of tragedy whether it’s shooting, hurricane, or murders. What do we do at church? Pastors Knute Larson, Jim Brown and Jeff Bogue filmed this special edition of #Pastorpedia talking about how a pastor should respond to a recent tragedy that made the headlines. Visit to see previous editions of #pastorpedia. Continue reading “Church Security – What do we say the next Sunday?”

Conflict in General

It’s a fact of life that wherever two or three are gathered together, there will be conflict. Below are some general principles about conflict that have worked well in the congregations I’ve served.

First, recognize that it will happen. Genesis 3:14-19 reveals that since the fall we have had conflict in marriages and within the earth itself. It groans, and so do we.

In football, the linebacker isn’t surprised when someone breaks through the line; and when an opponent does, he tackles him. That’s why he’s called a “line-backer.” In a sense, that’s the job of pastors. We’re called shepherds because there are wolves, and the sheep need protection and guidance. Continue reading “Conflict in General”