Reminders About Established Church




  • It is not good to receive the call to an established church with an agenda to change the church drastically, unless that has been agreed upon.


  • It is not good to try to change a church just because of your personal desire.


  • Sometimes leaders become unaware of how people are reacting to their leadership decisions, because they are isolated/insulated, or because people are not honest with them.


  • We must honor what others have done in the past, not act as if previous ministries do not matter.
  • Just because it has been done or exists as an attitude does not mean it was or is good in God’s opinion.


  • The same church that understood the missional reasons to do things a certain way in the past can understand the missional reasons not to do things a different way.

Basic Ingredients for Strong Staff Teams

Basic Ingredients for Strong Staff Teams

as picked up over the years

by talking to many senior pastors and staff members

You decide, but this is more than friends operating together.



A.     The senior or lead pastor

1.       Both the senior pastor and the person reporting have a discipleship group of either all men or all women, depending on which one they are! J Continue reading “Basic Ingredients for Strong Staff Teams”



  •   Networking with other pastors in large churches.
  •   Always looking and mixing at district and national conference. Write down names when meet a vibrant church staff person even when you do not need one.
  •  Not going to placement services (too many names).
  •  Not talking to senior pastors who are not doing well but think they would do well on a staff.

Continue reading “HOW TO FIND GOOD STAFF”

Effective Pastoral Connections In the Larger Church

A critique of the “silo system” that happens by default and a call to Great Commission pastoral relationships. In churches over 250, pastoral staff often embrace their major assignment only, care for that silo effectively, become administrators of their major area, check on pastoral care on their assigned days, and maybe disciple a few. Continue reading “Effective Pastoral Connections In the Larger Church”

The Senior Leader’s “Reports” and “Cabinet”

The_Senior_Leader’s  Download
Thoughts on who and how many should report to the president or CEO of a ministry or senior pastor of a church. Based on 43 years of experience, reading, coaching others, and trends


1. Every organization should have a reporting flowchart that shows towhom everyone reports, and all directions flow upward to the senior (and no one else, except for possible dotted lines for communication). Continue reading “The Senior Leader’s “Reports” and “Cabinet””