Love In The Church

Love  in the church, as led by staff

We all know it is “the greatest,” and that love covers a multitude of  mistakes;  but also that it is not easy.

 Love is righteous action to meet the needs of another,

“The greatest of these is …”

This is the way God said it –true also for the church.  No debate,

The way we speak to people . . . up front and in groups and…

…looking them in the eye

…paying attention and giving love to __________________

…not yielding to others who try to ________________ you

…the avoidance of “That’s nothing”!

…the art of truly listening!

Before and after services,  the day they come to us!

…the mood this sets

…why it is not “glad-handing” or artificial

…why we do not want to do it

…back to the eyes and the ears

…the good of smiles and bumps (guy kids by guy staff) and paying attention to canes and chairs

…”But what if I am an introvert?”

Each email and phone, plus written notes

…the last sentence of appreciation

…the goal and good of hand-written

…why they deserve this,  or even if they do not

 The unity of the team

…why permeating talked-about love takes all of us

Friday and Sunday notes

…setting a mood from the pastor’s office

Saying “I love you”

from the pulpit and the lectern and the desk

The model with marriage and friends

…the DAG group where it is man to man or woman to woman

…the way we treat spouses in public

“Pursue love.”  It will not come to you.